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C/C++/C# Ebooks » C# Programming Interview Questions Answers and Explanations

C# Programming Interview Questions Answers and Explanations

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Book Description

The Ultimate Reference & Learning Guide for C# Developers! In depth and current overview of common challenges with C# Fluency with C# is essential for a career as a developer, however, a user-friendly and thorough resource can be difficult to locate.

From helping you to assess your current skill level to reviewing with the goal of certification, to preparing for an interview, this guide will tell you the details of what you really need to know.

Set yourself apart from other candidates and show that you have what it takes to land the job.

More than just a rehash of Microsoft documentation and sales presentations, each section is based on project knowledge and experience gained on successful high-profile C# implementations.

Key interview and certification topics include:
* Language design goals
* C# 3.0 new language features
* Implementations
* Code libraries
* Language Integrated Query patterns

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Free eBooks C%2523-Programming-Interview-Questions-Answers-and-Explanations

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